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Twelve Years of Poster Art by Haute to Death

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About H2D

Founded in 2007 by artists and DJs Ash Nowak and Jon Dones, Haute to Death is Detroit’s most spirited, stylish and respected nightlife institution. More than a party, Haute to Death has grown into a tight-knit network of passionate creatives and pleasure seeking bon vivants who gather monthly under the glimmer of the Marble Bar disco ball to satisfy their appetite for an artfully administered dose of hedonism.


The Record Cover Poster Series

In lieu of traditional poster design, each month, Dones chooses a fitting record cover from their vinyl collection, scans it, and visually remixes the typography, illustration and photography to fit the information and spirit of their next party. With over a hundred and thirty record cover posters to their credit, the mere sight of one transmits a clear message to those who are in-the-know, regardless if the design contains complete or cleanly organized information. A testament that, in this age of information saturation, less is seductively more.

What Ash and Jon have done is synthesize their love of all mediums into a cohesive whole. Every piece is a breadcrumb back to a greater truth.
— Sam Valenti IV, Ghostly international
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The Record Covers Book


12 years of 12 inches.

What started out as an obsession with typography, collecting vinyl and an insatiable appetite for the post-modern visual lexicon of new wave and disco has manifested into twelve year running body of work that has become a siren's call in Detroit's contemporary nightlife that has successfully been bringing hundreds of like minds from different backgrounds together month-over-month to share the in the music, to self-express and dance in the cover of the night.

The series carries both width and depth. In aggregate one can begin to pull themes from the color palettes and types of imagery selected for different times of year. As pieces of visual communication - there is an incredibly well thought out dynamism that reveals itself to the viewer who decides to take the time. For those just passing, they can absorb a visual pop and take note, but upon looking closer one will find easter eggs, cleverly phrased type and a web of connections between the original design, the visual remix and the details of the event.

With many of them, getting up close and personal will reveal the acute attention to detail that goes into re-creating illustration styles, typography, air brush textures, printed imperfections and embracing the wear and tear a loved record endures.

The signal you send out is what you get back. That is the theory driving the series. Often the ambiguity of information and familiarity of aesthetic create a curiosity gap that will attract curious minds to dive deeper and stimulate those who get the reference. It's a system that includes anyone who wants it and remains indifferent to those who pass it by. As a result, twelve years has organically built a vast and inter connected family of friends, collaborators and like minded pleasure seekers who all show up, look good and dance with us.


The forthcoming book will illuminate the stories, themes some of the hidden gems that can be found in these spirited graphic works. Appropriately, the book will share the size and dimensions with the format it fetishizes, so any collector can keep the tomb on their book shelf or share space with their records.

Pre-orders coming soon. Delivery expected by Thanksgiving.

Come see us:

10.12-13th Detroit Art Book Fair

11.15-17th Chicago Art Book Fair

11.21-24th - NYC TBA

11.30 - Atlanta, Banshee

Art Basel Miami Beach, TBA


Spanning 12 years, there are over 130 posters in the series.


Jon Dones gives a walk through of our DECA\DANCE exhibition and spends some extra time on some of the details that go into our posters.